Functional Nutrition with Jen Martinsen at Nutrition Bliss
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holistic & functional nutrition

It’s possible. Sounds too good, right?! Because, all of your experiences up until now haven’t felt that way. The fads tell us we just need to work harder & restrict more. And then, we’ll get what we want. Leaving us feeling like failures when it doesn’t work. Like we’re not enough.


Or maybe, you’ve forgotten what normal is supposed to feel like? The headaches, bloating, and waking at 2am unable to fall back asleep have become the norm. And you can’t imagine it differently… yet.


And, it doesn’t help that women’s health concerns aren’t being taken seriously. Nobody seems to get it. You’re either told you’re fine, that what you’re experiencing is common, or that the blood tests are normal so there’s nothing to be done.


You are here for a reason. Because women, like you, are tired of not being taken seriously or getting solutions they need. Tired of trying to figure it out alone, because it’s frustrating and lonely. Just tired. Period.



So, let’s change that. Creating a new normal is all about working smarter, not harder.


Rather than piling more onto an already busy life (ugh!), working smarter means understanding where to spend your time, getting to the root cause, & understanding what your unique system needs to make everything…. well, easier! Once you begin to feel good, anything is possible.


And if you’ve seen one woman, you’ve seen one. Because your body, story, symptoms, and experience is yours – no one else’s. This is why the same plan & recommendations don’t work for everyone.  If it’s not working… it’s the plan, not you. It’s important to have the support of a trained professional, who’s been there & understands the solutions that will support your body & healing. To help you put the pieces together, so you’re not doing it alone.


My certification & training is in functional nutrition, using holistic food and lifestyle practices to help support the root cause(s) of imbalance within the body. It’s a systems approach, which is understanding how everything is connected in the body. If you’re not sleeping at night, getting frequent migraines, and have eczema – there’s a reason! And knowing how all the systems are connected helps us work together to unravel what’s going on, and support you naturally. 



“Jen created the accountability for me to make the changes needed to address my failing health. She made me feel less alone and confident. Jen listened, without judgement, about my personal habits and physical issues and made me feel validated (because doctors kept telling me otherwise). She provided a simple, personalized plan that made the overall task to heal myself feel less overwhelming and obtainable. I’m grateful for her knowledge, passion and her belief in me that I could change and finally begin to heal. Because of this approach, my hair and nails are no longer brittle and breaking. I no longer have itchy skin, can sleep through the night, and experienced my first winter where I didn’t need antibiotics. My experience was life changing.”




 Want to learn more? Schedule a {free} 20 minute Get-to-Know-You call to discuss your goals & learn more about my approach. Click Here to Schedule!

nutrition bliss offers a variety of packages to meet your needs:

{click on each to reveal package details}

Back to Balance

If you’re tired of not getting the answers you’re looking for & want some initial direction or if you’ve been on the holistic health path for a while and need fine-tuning–this package is for you. Back to Balance includes a complete health, diet, & lifestyle review; current lab review; a comprehensive 75-minute one-on-one session; and a personalized & detailed Back to Balance action plan designed to support your health goals. This package also includes a 30-minute check-in call to review the action plan and make any adjustments so it fits in with your lifestyle.

The Roots

This is the perfect introductory package to a functional & holistic approach to women’s health. With The Roots, we focus on comprehensive nutrition and basic lifestyle practices to support your body. Whether you are focused on balancing hormones, taming digestive issues, feel trapped in a daily low energy & brain fog, or need to heal from an auto immune condition-The Roots will give you the tools to make an impact and begin to heal. With each session, we will layer-on new habits, according to your goals. In this package, you will receive the services* in the Back to Basics Package PLUS 3, one-on-one 50-minute holistic health consultation sessions. *Excludes the 30-minute check in call.

The Intuitive Method ™

Ready for a major shift? My signature program, The Intuitive Method™, a comprehensive & holistic series for women designed to help you understand your body, feel good, and get inspired. The Intuitive Method™ includes the principles of functional nutrition plus adds a variety of beneficial & proven practices for a truly holistic experience. This structured program takes you on whole-health journey that includes nutrition guidance, hormone balancing, detoxification support,  learning to trust your body’s cues, mindset & breathing techniques, herbal remedies, and more. Feeling your best is never about just one thing, so let’s put it all together in this 7-session package. Click here to learn more about The Intuitive Method™

Keep it Going

Change can be difficult, especially when the unexpected pops-up up. These four, 30-minute check-in sessions are designed to keep you focused and allow time to integrate changes {with a little help}. This package can be added to any of the above packages.


all nutrition bliss packages include:

  • One-on-one sessions available via video conferencing (Facetime or Zoom) or in-person in Carlsbad, CA.
  • A natural & holistic approach. All packages have an individualized action plan following each session that includes nutrition & diet recommendations, lifestyle practices, herbs or supplements, lab recommendations, and/or additional resources.
  • Learning about your body & gain an understanding the root cause(s) of your health concerns or symptoms.
  • A la carte labs (standard & functional) are optional & offered through Nutrition Bliss’s lab partners.

 Want to learn more? Schedule a {free} 20 minute Get-to-Know-You call to discuss your goals & learn more about my approach. Click here to schedule!