Meet Jen Martinsen from Nutrition Bliss - Holistic & Functional Nutritionist
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Thanks for stopping by. I’m a holistic nutritionist, coach, and speaker who is on a mission to help women better understand their bodies, feel good, and get inspired.


But why?


Simply put, women aren’t getting the support they need. Women’s symptoms aren’t being taken seriously — and unfortunately our doctors can offer little beyond prescribing medications, in many cases. We are told it’s a normal part of the aging process (even in our 30’s!?!?). That it’s our hormones. Or that it’s “just the way it is.”


There’s a better way. And I know it’s true because I’ve experienced it all first hand.


I’d like to say that I have always treated my body like a pristine temple…. but that would be a lie. I spent many, many years eating fast food, drinking too much, spreading myself too thin, & fueling myself on tons of coffee & quick snacks.


So how did I end up here? Sometimes I ask myself that same question. It’s not the path I had planned. In fact, it’s truer to say that this path chose me.


Let me take you back a few years…


In 2013, life felt pretty good. My second son was just born & completed our family of four. I had a fancy job title in my corporate career. I ate good-ish {few sweets + tried to eat organic}. Life was humming along at a busy pace. All my boxes were checked. Then, insert the record scratch. At 2 months old, my son started showing symptoms that were considered “normal.” Over the next few months, my intuition kicked in and I felt his tiny body was trying to tell me something. Even though I asked, I received no help from our pediatrician. Actually, not only did she not help — she yelled at me in her office. I’m not kidding.


Being an over-stressed mom of a baby that was dropping in weight percentile & covered in eczema, it wasn’t easy to stand my ground. I didn’t know the answers, but I knew the answers weren’t here.


This moment became a hidden gem, for me.

That. Would. Change.Everything.

Being a naturally curious {and kinda stubborn} person, I started to look for something that made sense. Although I came from a medical family: my father’s a doctor, my sister’s a nurse practitioner, and I had spent over a decade in the preventive health industry — I still didn’t have the answers. I wanted something I could try other than steroid creams & prescription drugs. Since my son, Jack, was still nursing, I was the one to make the changes. Starting with my diet. Within four weeks I noticed major improvements. All of the eczema cleared up. His diarrhea improved. His energy changed so much he was like a different baby. And… he began to gain weight! Halle-freakin-llueah!


But it didn’t stop there. My health changed too. Things I never really thought about began to shift. I had WAY more energy. I stopped getting sick 4-5 times a year with a cold that just wouldn’t go away. And my skin completely changed. No more painful acne bumps along my jaw. I could finally go make-up free without feeling embarrassed! {If you’ve ever struggled with skin problems, you know what a big deal this is.}


Also, this process began to open me up in a way that I didn’t know was closed. I felt more connected and inspired. More me. All of these changes majorly impacted my life and my ability to show up in a bigger and better way. Who knew that changing my relationship with food & my body could eventually lead to all of this??

The more I learned, the more I experienced, the more I wanted to know. 

What began as a passion project to heal my son, became a whole lot more.

I realized I wasn’t the only woman confused on how to best support myself, not being understood in doctors’ offices, and struggling to find someone to help. Although it wasn’t an easy decision at the time, I chose to go back to school {and eventually quit my corporate career} to pursue nutrition & holistic health full-time. Like my own journey, my education followed my curiosity.


I quickly discovered there is never just one path to healing your body.


And if I’m going to lead you through this process, I want to offer more than just nutrition guidance. So, yes, I’m an Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner through the Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA) and a Certified International Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) & International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC). But, I have also studied clinical nutrition, stress management techniques including breath work & meditation, mindset practices, herbal remedies, and more. This journey led me to integrate all these practices in to my signature program, The IntuitiveMethod ™, that combines effective, science-based practices with listening to your own body.

which leads me to you

I am here to help bring out the best possible version of you. She’s in there; tired of feeling {tired, uninspired, stuck, and alone}. I’ve got you, and I’m so glad you’re here. My practice is built on being a force for change, because women deserve better. And I am committed to offering a variety of ways to support you, because let’s face it — life is full. And please don’t expect endless sciency-jargon here — I’m all about breaking the science down in a way that’s approachable. It’s important that you understand how everything applies to your real life.


If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our partnership. And, I’d love to learn more about you too!


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I can’t wait for you to check it out! I’m excited we’ve connected & can’t wait for what’s to come.


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