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“I wish I had worked with her sooner, rather than just dealing with bad health issues for so long.”

“For several years I have struggled with PCOS, hormone imbalance, infertility, anxiety/panic attacks, and have always wondered what working with a nutritionist might do to help – but I was hesitant to invest. After working with Jen and seeing the impact it’s had on reducing & even eliminating many of my negative symptoms, it was well worth it. I wish I had worked with her sooner rather than just dealing with bad health issues for so long. In starting to work with Jen I had no background or knowledge of nutrition, and now I feel educated and equipped to continue following a healthier diet, supplement, and lifestyle (stress management) routine on my own. Jen created a special set of protocols, specifically based off my past and current health issues & lab work that have helped me tremendously. Her recommendations were above and beyond what I was expecting, in that not only did she help me nutritionally, but also addressed how my environment (chemicals, molds, toxins), exercise habits and stress were impacting me in negative ways and we worked together to establish a better routine. I am now able to sleep through the night, eliminated frequent urination, have not experienced any panic attacks, have gotten my first two positive ovulation results after several months, have lost weight even after reducing the amount of time I exercise, and feel my healthiest in years! I am thankful that some of the down time due to COVID encouraged me to finally invest in myself and improve my overall health & lifestyle. Thank you Jen, you’re amazing!”



Aimee, Vista, CA

Aimee Nutrition Bliss Testimonial

“My experience was life-changing.”

“The number of Dr.’s appointments, blood tests, and trying to figure out what was going on with my body was endless. And I kept coming up without any answers. That is why I am so glad I found Jen. Jen created the accountability for me to make the changes needed to address my failing health. She made me feel less alone and confident. Jen listened without judgement about my personal habits and physical issues. She explained how these personal habits (good & bad) were creating my physical issues and made me feel validated. She provided a simple personalized plan that made the overall task to heal myself less overwhelming and obtainable. I’m grateful for her knowledge, passion and her belief in me that I could change and finally begin to heal. Because of her my hair and nails are no longer brittle and breaking. I no longer have itchy skin and can sleep through the night. My experience was life changing. “



Ry, Carlsbad, CA

“I am now 6 months into a healthy pregnancy and am feeling great!”

“After almost a year of not feeling well, I knew I had to seek out an alternative method to the inconclusive blood work and test results I was receiving from frequent doctors appointments. I was suffering from constant fatigue, dizzy spells, stress, and overall hormone imbalance. During my first visit with Jen I was asked questions with more depth then I could have ever imagined. I knew immediately that I was on my way to health recovery. I always felt that I lived a healthy lifestyle, but discovered that I was taking unnecessary supplements, eating foods that did not agree with my digestive tract, and not managing stress well. Jen designed a plan for me that was completely manageable and could be applied to my daily habits even after the program ended. My greatest result was finally receiving a positive pregnancy test during the same month that I was scheduled to meet with an infertility specialist. I am now 6 months into a healthy pregnancy and am feeling great! I really couldn’t thank Jen enough and express how much she has improved my everyday life. She is an amazing coach and healer, and I could not recommend her more. Thank you Jen! I am forever grateful.”



Jill, Oceanside, CA

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“It helped me realize I needed to change my perspective…”

“I sought out a nutritionist to help figure out how my food choices or lifestyle was affecting my gut issues, migraines, and overall mental health. Through The Intuitive Method program, I realized most of my food choices were not the issue after all. It was more about mindfulness, stress, and anxiety for me. It helped me realize I needed to change my perspective when I ate food, how I ate food, and how I cooked it. Putting more emphasis on being present & enjoying my food, instead of feeling guilty or stressed about what I was eating. The biggest impact for me was to be more mindful and present when I’m eating, and also trying a little bit harder every day to accept my body. Moving FROM focusing on being toned & thinned TO being strong and healthy was a big & needed shift, for me. I would recommend this program to any woman who feels confused about healthy choices, feels stress & anxiety, or is frustrated with a stagnant place of life. And is ready to change perspective. I am so happy for Jen’s support on this journey.”



Angela B., Encinitas, CA

“…helped me to become a better version of myself.”

“I had been struggling with the symptoms of Hashimotos for years, and struggled to find solutions I could stick with and that worked for me. I knew I needed outside help in moving towards a healthier lifestyle, so I reached out to Jen for support for my 4th attempt at an elimination protocol. With her help, I was able to get more understanding out of the process & began to feel like myself again. Compared to how I was feeling a year ago, it’s night and day! One key thing she told me at the start was, “don’t think if this as elimination phase and once it’s done you’ll go back to your old way of living, think of it as a transition to a new way of living.” It was so powerful! It was such a great experience having Jen guide me through this part of my journey. Every day I worked on transitioning my mindset along with my lifestyle habits and her great pieces of wisdom continually left me with those ‘aha’ moments. Healing is a process and life will always carry chaos with it. How we respond to it and choose to live with it makes all the difference. With Jen’s support I gained insights needed for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle which has helped me to become a better version of myself.”



Keri, Portland, OR


“…it is such a holistic approach that I can’t imagine not getting something out of this program.”

“I am so grateful! I immediately lost weight without ever feeling like I was dieting or depriving myself of food. My painful symptoms from endometriosis & eczema improved so much from this program. Plus, it has been about 6 months since I started working with Jen and I continue to mix in the things I have learned every day. The best thing about working with Jen is that she is completely non-judgmental & patient. I was always able to be very honest with both her & myself; making it so much easier to get back on track if I fell off. She listened to me & learned the best way to psychologically approach changes. For me, it was to take baby steps & rejoice in the small changes, rather than doing a complete overhaul. She adapted herself & her program my unique needs and motivation. Whether it be the food, meditation, or really the self-tolerance and acceptance — it is such a holistic approach that I can’t imagine not getting something out of this program.”



Shannon, Paris, France

“The entire experience was incredibly supportive.”

“I was so over feeling tired, dealing with my allergies, and swelling in my joints that was starting to impact my work. I was willing to try something new, especially since Jen’s approach felt different. I was still a little worried that I would have to give up everything I loved — but I quickly learned that Jen is about way more than just nutrition. Her Intuitive Method is really a holistic approach. For anyone who is ready to learn about yourself in all facets, plus improve your quality of life, then Jen is your girl. Nutritional support has become about more than the food that enters my mouth. The Intuitive Method incorporated my emotional reactions, triggers, fatigue, stress, and overall life’s soul work. When speaking with Jen I feel she is truly engaged and intuitively gathering information on the best approaches to support my overall physical and spiritual health. She is very knowledgeable, thoroughly researched, and makes information easy to understand. The entire experience was incredibly supportive.”



Karleigh, San Clemente, CA

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“My weight is now down 22 lbs from last year.”

“Thank you again Jen, you have been such a blessing to me!  I am so thrilled to say that I was able to enjoy my sister’s homemade scones (ginger lemon) for Christmas breakfast and her sugar cookies in the afternoon!!!  I kept my portions small and had no adverse effects at all! Also, my weight is now down 22 pounds since last year.  It’s hard to believe, since I’ve been a Weight Watcher 30 years and know how incredibly hard it is to lose even 5 lbs in the past. I’m feeling great energy, just did a Zoo workout today and wasn’t even out of breath at the top of the bridge stairs! I am so happy I found you.”


T.W. – San Diego, CA

“It turns out, changing our diet was much easier than I thought!”

“My daughter had been suffering with eczema for years. Then recently, was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.  After pumping her with medications & other treatments, I was feeling uneasy. I wanted to find something else to support my daughter, so I turned to naturopathic medicine.  Our naturopathic doctor recommended a very restrictive diet (gluten and dairy free). To put it mildly, I was completely overwhelmed! I’m a mother of 3, and changing our whole family’s diet felt impossible.


Then Jen came to the rescue!  She was my biggest cheerleader, and gave me the confidence and support I needed to take on the journey!  She recommended local restaurants that worked with my daughter’s diet restrictions, and loaded me with realistic and delicious recipes that worked with my family’s lifestyle. It turns out, changing our diet was much easier than I thought! I would recommend Jen to anyone wanting to tackle a diet or lifestyle change.  With Jen by one’s side, it’s so much easier to tackle new goals!”


Barb N., San Marcos, CA


“…I really liked her approach-it felt different.”

“I have always considered myself a very healthy person. I eat well (I rarely have any sweets), exercise often, and have a very active lifestyle. Then, I had a health scare that made me realize that maybe there is more I needed to know. I found Jen at Nutrition Bliss because I really liked her approach – it felt different. As a client, I felt she was actively listening to my needs, willing to do research, and give me information in a way that was helpful & I could apply instantly. In my opinion, Jen has developed a much-needed program that makes up for current deficiencies in Western Medicine. She is also passionate about helping people learn how to thrive. This program is perfect for anyone interested in discovering their own nutritional & mental blind spots instead of just treating symptoms.”



MJ, Salt Lake City, UT

“I am now healing and feeling great.”

“I feel like the best way to describe my experience working with Jen is that she is really not afraid to dig deeper. On the surface before starting with Jen, I appeared to be very healthy. For years, I’ve had a mostly whole-foods, plant based diet and exercised regularly. However, I had an unexpected serious health issue come up that motivated me to seek support. After reviewing my labs (which were considered normal by my doctor), intake form, & medication information she found key areas where my body needed some support. She recommended new ways of thinking about food and supplements specifically for me, that were suitable for my (mostly vegan) diet. She also encouraged me to focus on listening to my body and new ways to reduce the impacts of stress in my life. After a few weeks of taking the supplements, listening to my body’s signals, & stabilizing my blood sugar levels – my energy levels totally increased! Also, after working with Jen I had new labs done, & I improved to “optimal” levels in nearly all areas! I am now healing and feel great!! I really appreciate all the time Jen took to dig into my background and determine what would be best for me. She is very passionate about helping others and has a stress-free approach to health. She focused on what I specifically needed most, and gave suggestions on areas that would have the greatest impact. Thank you, Jen! You are the best!””



Liz,  Seattle, WA

Nutrition Bliss testimonial

“It’s been so amazing to realize I can feel this good in my 40’s.”

“Well, I sure have benefited from this experience! Because of
the Nutrition Bliss Detox Reset, I had the support, the information, and the education I needed. The program got me started & taught me so much that now I’m 6 months along in my journey of a completely different way of nourishing my body. It’s been so amazing to realize I can feel this good in my 40’s. So good, that I don’t miss my old diet! Thanks Jen!! You are truly living out your life purpose.”


A.L., Portland, OR