Discuss your labs and supplements with Jen Martinsen at Nutrition Bliss
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labs & supplements


On the holistic journey, there are a few tools we can use to help expedite the process of understanding & healing our bodies.


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Although current labs are not required, they can provide a window of understanding in to your current health status. Many ailments can present with similar symptoms, and having the additional layer of information provided by current labs can assist with detecting vitamin or mineral deficiencies, nutrient variations, hormone imbalances, inflammation, and even provide insight into the root causes of intestinal and digestive issues.


Lab data can be collected in a variety of ways, depending on the information you want to gather. Most labs are traditionally blood tests, but they can also include saliva, urine, stool, or even breath tests depending on the area(s) of concern and what additional information may be useful. The information collected can be helpful for uncovering additional information and providing a definitive benchmark for health improvement and healing.


Trained in both functional and conventional lab testing, Nutrition Bliss can provide additional analysis* on a variety of laboratory tests including CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panels, Comprehensive Thyroid Panel, various Metabolic & Endocrine Health Panels, hs-CRP (inflammation), Stool Analysis, Organic Acids Panel, and more.


To receive current lab work and before making any lifestyle changes, I always advise clients to see their Primary Care Physician (PCP). In the event you are interested in any additional testing for educational purposes only beyond what your PCP may provide, optional tests may be ordered directly through our lab partner.


I believe in striving to get as many nutrients as possible directly from food. There is absolutely no substitute for a diverse, whole food diet to receive optimal nutrition for our bodies. Unfortunately due to many common farming & food distribution practices, nutrient-depleted soil, processed foods, environmental toxins, and common digestive issues it can be challenging to get all of the nutrients needed to heal through food sources alone. I have found that supplements can be especially beneficial to support the early stages of repair. As always, check with your doctor or other healthcare professional before starting any new supplement protocol.


Supplements can be incredibly beneficial, however not all supplements are created equally. With limited industry oversight over nutritional and herbal supplements, it is important to partner with practitioners and brands you trust.


Many processes are important to consider to ensure safe and effective supplements including:


  • product design
  • manufacturing process & controls
  • raw ingredient & finished product testing to verify contents
  • storage & temperature control
  • distribution & shipping


Each of the hand-selected, pharmaceutical grade brands carried on the Nutrition Bliss site employs strict quality control standards. In addition, our laboratory supplement partner Emerson Ecologics’ rigorous quality assurance program (EQP) evaluates standards for manufacturing processes ensuring all Silver and Gold partners meet and exceed federal dietary supplement standards including verification of product design, manufacturing controls, raw ingredient, and finished product testing. For heat sensitive products, specialized warehouse and shipping requirements are also in place.

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