The Intuitive Method - a holistic approach to women's health
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The Intuitive Method™

The Intuitive Method™ is a complete & holistic approach designed just for you.


With Jen Martinsen, Functional Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, and Women’s Health Advocate.


If you’re not sure where to begin. But know what you’ve been doing isn’t working. You’re in the right place. A holistic approach, like The Intuitive Method, offers a variety of natural, proven solutions to support you. Because we know it isn’t ever about just one thing.


It’s time to go beyond just diet or exercise.  Understanding why you’re feeling this way and learning what to do about it through a structured, holistic program is the answer. Plus, we can focus on the pieces that will make the biggest impact for you.


That’s why I’m here. To make these science-based solutions approachable. And to partner & share them with you in a way that makes sense with your lifestyle.

  • 1/10 women suffer from endometriosis in the U.S., however 70% of doctors don’t effectively diagnose or treat it.
  • Women suffer from IBS (3x), rheumatoid arthritis (2x), autoimmune conditions (3x), migraines (2x), and chronic fatigue (4x) more than men. And conventional doctors offer few solutions beyond medication to support these life-altering symptoms and conditions.
  • Millions of women suffer with fibroids, PMS, endometriosis, and/or perimenopause & menopausal concerns, which all can be improved using science-based nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal practices.
  • Over 10% of women have PCOS – which has the same risks as heart disease and diabetes.
  • The majority of the symptoms & conditions women experience (above conditions plus bloating, constipation, acne, reflux, insomnia, hormone imbalances, etc.) can be improved using a holistic program that integrates functional nutrition, supportive lifestyle practices, mindset, and stress-coping skills.

I am ready to put myself first.

The Intuitive Method™ is a comprehensive, 7-session program that’s tailored just for you. Each session can be completed in-person or via face-to-face web sessions from anywhere!


My mission is to help you understand your body, feel great, and get inspired.

We get so used to being over-stressed, constipated, in pain, or tired that we forget what good feels like. And it’s not because you’re a new mom. Or you’re getting older. Or any other reason that’s used to dismiss how you’re feeling. How we live our lives has become so out of balance, that at a certain point, our body starts screaming for help. And that’s the purpose of those annoying symptoms. To help direct you towards giving your body what it needs.


And unfortunately, it takes more than CBD oil. Getting back into balance requires a whole-woman approach. A combination of holistic practices, integrated into one program, that’s designed for you. The Intuitive Method is a comprehensive program that combines 4 main areas: functional nutrition, lifestyle practices, mindset & relaxation skills with listening to your body.

Experience it for yourself

WATCH a free video

Enjoy this video on the relationship between stress & hormone balance as an example of one of the concepts covered in this program.


Understand the benefits of integrating a holistic & traditional approach to women’s health.


Enjoy this free The Intuitive Method journal as you begin to discover the many areas that impact your overall health.

And, there’s more…


This program will help you to:

  • Gain the knowledge to be in control of your own wellness.
  • Learn to listen to and trust your body’s cues.
  • Integrate a holistic, science-based approach to health.
  • Replace the negative stories and approaches that left you feeling stuck.
  • Understand your symptoms and how to heal the root cause(s).
  • Develop a deeper sense of self & purpose.
  • Release doubts & learn what works for your body.

Find your perfect balance.

Y O U are the piece that’s missing from women’s health trends today. There’s lots of advice, but no one is encouraging you to trust & listen to your body in the process. Y O U are the link that pulls it all together, because you are an individual. Not a diagnosis or acne or weight gain. Using The Intuitive Method, we modify the approach and use the balance that’s right for you.

Program Topics


The Intuitive Method is grounded in the concept that many areas influence how you feel: your environment, mindset, genetics, what you eat & do each day, how you handle stress, and how efficiently our body’s systems are working. That’s why this program was designed using a whole-woman approach. Learn more about each of the main program components below.


Learn more:

Click below each title to reveal a full description of each area.

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is based in understanding how all the body’s systems are interconnected & using food as medicine to support imbalances & restore function. There is no single “right diet” that applies to everyone. The recommended approach will depend on many factors that are unique to your needs. A few key principles that always apply include: adding lots of whole, real foods; making home cooking & snacks simple; emphasizing what to add & not depriving – ever; using real food over supplements, whenever possible; and you’re in the driver’s seat – collaborating on the plan we develop together.

Using Functional Nutrition principles, we can improve digestion, autoimmune-related symptoms, constipation, hormone balance, bloating, joint pain, acne, stubborn weight gain, and more.


The way we talk to ourselves, think about our health habits, and view our bodies matters. A lot. And we are great at pointing out the negative, and tend to overlook the positive. Sound familiar? Self-talk, self-care, and recognizing your patterns will impact your health in a big way. Learning new practices and unlearning old ones that are holding you back, are important pieces to this program.


Most of the time, you can’t change the stresses in life. But you can begin to change how you respond. The Intuitive Method includes a variety of solutions from breathing practices, mindfulness, resilience building techniques, improving sleep patterns for a better stress response, supportive herbs & teas for reducing stress, and more.


These techniques will vary depending on your current lifestyle, symptoms, and health goals. Examples include establishing an exercise routine that supports what your body needs (and… more is not always better!), reducing exposure to toxins (like pesticides, chemicals in beauty products, or old “friends” on your FB feed), establishing a morning routine, or understanding how your monthly cycle impacts all of the above.


YOU are the main ingredient that’s core to The Intuitive Method™. YOU are how we discover the right balance and learn where we need to focus. YOU are the important piece to figuring out which tools work, and which don’t. Because YOU are not your symptoms, your age, or your diagnosis. YOU are an individual with a life, frustrations, strengths, and goals. No one knows your body better than YOU. The Intuitive Method™ is here to guide you on that journey, help take away the guess work, and provide you with options from each of the 4 areas above that are right for you.

What you’ll receive

Detailed new-client intake including: health & lifestyle history, 3-day diet review, & review of current labs (conventional or functional)

Initial 75-minute comprehensive consultation session

Six, 50-minute The Intuitive Method™ one-on-one consultation sessions

Customized nutrition protocol(s), lifestyle recommendations, & hand-out(s) following each session

eBook: The 5 Myths in Women's Health Holding You Back

Unlimited direct email access

Access to complimentary whole-food recipes, product recommendations, and shopping lists

Optional: Order & review additional lab panels, as needed (additional cost).

How you treat your body, your mindset, & daily activities impact your health and your capacity to show up in a bigger way. When we feel tired & sluggish, we also feel uninspired and shut down. 


Focusing on the practices offered in this program, it will open your heart and mind in a way you didn’t know was possible. If you’re here, chances are you are looking for something different. The next step. The next chapter. Or maybe you’re not sure yet, but know, deep down, that something needs to shift. Here, we give your body what it needs to get unstuck and open yourself up to greater possibilities. You’re here for a reason. 




“I had been on the Paleo diet for 3 years, and it wasn’t working for me anymore. I was frustrated & ready to get to the bottom of why I couldn’t lose the weight, often felt bloated, and was still struggling with acne in my 30’s. The Intuitive Method helped me to pay attention to my own body and adjust my choices to make me feel the best I could. For example, when I mentioned I felt bloated and over-full after a clean, paleo dinner, it helped me to understand that reducing my animal protein intake in the evening to give my digestive system a break made such a big difference! The changes were as simple as incorporating water with lemon in the morning, and as life-changing as giving myself grace & learning to slow down. I would recommend The Intuitive Method to anyone who has tried all the “diets” out there with little to no results, and to those who are just looking for more. As my friends and I move to a stage of parenting where our kids are all in school, it is tough to figure out where we, as mothers and women, fit into that world with a little more freedom and time to ourselves. Jen would be able to coach people in that circumstance to add in peaceful and supportive practices to enrich their lives and make them better, healthier versions of themselves at any life stage.”



Tish, Carlsbad, CA


“The Intuitive Method made me realize most of my food choices were not the issue after all. It was more about mindfulness, stress, and anxiety for me. It helped me realize I needed to change my perspective when I ate food, how I ate food, and how I cooked it. Putting more emphasis on being present & enjoying my food, instead of feeling guilty or stressed about what I was eating. The biggest impact for me was to be more mindful and present when I’m eating, and also trying a little bit harder every day to accept my body. I’m trying to move FROM focusing on being toned & thinned TO being strong and healthy. I would recommend this program to any woman who feels confused about healthy choices, feels stress & anxiety, or is frustrated with the stagnant place of life. And is ready to change perspective.”


Angela B., Encinitas, CA

“I was so over feeling tired, dealing with my allergies, and swelling in my joints that was starting to impact my work. I was willing to try something new, especially since this approach felt different. I was still a little worried that I would have to give up everything I loved — but I quickly learned that The Intuitive Method is about way more than just nutrition. It’s really a holistic approach. For anyone who is ready to learn about yourself in all facets, plus improve your quality of life, then Jen is your girl. Nutritional support has become about more than the food that enters my mouth. The Intuitive Method incorporated my emotional reactions, triggers, fatigue, stress, and overall life’s soul work. When speaking with Jen I feel she is truly engaged and intuitively gathering information on the best approaches to support my overall physical and spiritual health. She is very knowledgeable, thoroughly researched, and makes information easy to understand. The entire experience was incredibly supportive.”


Karleigh, San Clemente, CA


What’s the investment?

How do I get started?

The investment for The Intuitive Method™ is $995. A payment plan option is also available (2 payments of $497.50).

To get started, simply complete the application form below and I will be in touch soon.