The Intuitive Method - a holistic approach to women's health
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the intuitive method™



Women are more focused on their health today than ever before, but are still frustrated. Not getting the promised results. Not getting the support they need. And still struggling with stubborn symptoms that just won’t go away. Why?


There’s clearly not a shortage of health advice, trends, and experts encouraging you to do any number of things from intermittent fasting to juicing. But, with all these trends, there’s lots of telling and not much listening. Listening to women, what they need, and how their body is responding. Or encouraging women to listen to their body’s and learn to trust themselves in the process of reclaiming their health.


Y O U are what’s missing from women’s health trends today. The Intuitive Method™ is a structured & holistic approach that combines science-based & holistic solutions that truly transform women’s health — with y o u .


This 7-session series includes:

  • functional nutrition
  • mindset

  • breathing + relaxation techniques
  • hormone balancing

  • herbs + supplements
  • understanding + listening to your body

Why it works.



How you feel in your body each day goes beyond nutrition. Food is an important piece to a much bigger puzzle. All of these areas work together & influence each other. That means, when you focus on just one, you won’t have the same impact as if you sprinkle the love around. Plus, it gives you many options to find the right set of solutions – for you. Using The Intuitive Method™ approach, we dial up the areas your body needs the most & focus on the best fit(s) for your lifestyle.


The Intuitive Method™ program is designed to take you on a whole-health journey that will allow you to understand your body, feel good, and get inspired.

Get inspired.


How you treat your body, your mindset, & daily activities impact your health plus your outlook & capacity to show up in a bigger way. When we feel tired & sluggish, we also feel uninspired and shut down. 


Focusing on the practices offered in this program, it will open your heart and mind in a way you didn’t know was possible. If you’re here, chances are you are looking for something bigger. A next step, a next chapter, or maybe you’re not sure yet… but you know, deep down, that something needs to shift. This program removes blocks, allows ideas to flow, and opens up greater possibilities. You’re here for a reason. 

“I would recommend Jen to anyone who has tried all the “diets” out there with little to no results, and to those who are just looking for more. As my friends and I move to a stage of parenting where our kids are all in school, it is tough to figure out where we, as mothers and women, fit into that world with a more freedom and time to ourselves – Jen’s The Intuitive Method would be able to guide people in that circumstance to add in supportive practices to enrich their lives and make them better, healthier versions of themselves. “


Tish, Carlsbad, CA


 How do I get started?


Click here to schedule a {free} Get-To-Know-You session today!


We will chat about what you’re looking for, answer questions  + review next steps.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


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