Learn holistic health at Nutrition Bliss with Jen Martinsen
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A functional nutritionist, holistic coach, and speaker on a mission to help women better understand their bodies, feel good, and get inspired.




“I was so over feeling tired, dealing with my allergies, and swelling in my joints that was starting to impact my work. I was willing to try something new, especially since Jen’s approach felt different. For anyone who is ready to learn about yourself in all facets, plus improve your quality of life, then Jen is your girl. Nutrition has become about more than the food that enters my mouth. The Intuitive Method incorporated my emotional reactions, triggers, fatigue, stress, and overall life’s soul work. She is very knowledgeable, thoroughly researched, and makes information easy to understand.

The entire experience was incredibly supportive.”



Karleigh H.


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“I am so grateful! I immediately lost weight without ever feeling like I was dieting or depriving myself. Plus, my painful symptoms from endometriosis & eczema improved so much from this program. I always had a hard time integrating healthy options in the past, but this was different. I loved the approach and can’t thank you enough!!”



Shannon E.

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