life's journey
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life’s journey

life’s journey

Life is a journey. If you told me 5 years ago this is where I would be, I wouldn’t have believed you. Sometimes events take place that change your life forever.

I created Nutrition Bliss as a place for women to come together and feel supported in their health goals, to share and discuss proven holistic methods for health improvement, plus provide inspiration and guidance for how these methods will work for you. In many ways I had to learn these concepts the hard way. I tried desperately to find answers, but kept coming up short. Nutrition Bliss is my way of sharing what I have learned and experienced with each of you.

my journey

I grew up in the typical American way – fast food, processed everything, a French fry and soda junkie. We did not have real food in our house. Everything came out of a bag, box, or a can. As a result, I had debilitating hay fever starting at age 5 through college. In my twenties I had low energy, drastic mood swings, out of control blood sugar, a lazy immune system, and cystic acne. I never thought my lifestyle had anything to do with my health. In fact, I thought I was healthy!

After receiving my B.S. in Exercise Science in college, I fell in to the growing field of corporate health and wellness in 2005. I created preventive health strategies and advised companies implementing programs to improve the health of their employees. While I began to think about food and health differently at this time, I still didn’t understand the full picture.

everything changed

In 2013, my youngest son, who was 4 months old at the time, developed eczema covering most of his body. He was also beginning to drop in weight percentile. My intuition kicked in and I knew his body was trying to tell me something, but I was receiving no support from our health provider at the time. Through a food-based elimination diet (because I was nursing), within four weeks his skin cleared and he began to gain weight; within two months his diarrhea stopped and his energy level significantly increased. Due to this process, I had an opportunity to learn how food was influencing each of our bodies.  I discovered that food truly is medicine (or can be poison). This understanding changed something at my very core and I needed to learn more.

I was working a crazy schedule, traveling, and launching a new service at a national firm. In addition I decided to go back to school to further educate myself in nutrition. Although I loved the content, I was stressed out, reactive, and not taking care of myself. I did not feel engaged in making conscious decisions for any part of my life. I would just react to the burning fire in front of me.

finding purpose

As a result I asked myself some hard questions, made significant lifestyle changes, and went through personal growth I didn’t know was possible. My life and world truly changed. I discovered my purpose in life – to help others discover the path to true health. Finding and following your purpose isn’t always easy. Without massive self-care, nourishing my body, and a dedicated spiritual practice, I don’t know if I would have made it. 

Over the course of the past 15 years I have learned so many lessons, for which I am completely grateful (although I didn’t always feel that way at the time). There were many times along my path that I felt lost and confused, but intuitively I knew the answers were out there even if some of them were difficult to find. 

inspiration & guidance for your journey

Through the Nutrition Bliss experience, you will discover information with clinical relevance (no fads here!), but most of all, tips and ideas on how to fit these concepts into your daily life. Everything I share will be from personal experience, and I do not encourage anything I am not willing to try myself or do within my own home.

In addition, I want to hear from you! I am interested in understanding which topics you want to learn about and which obstacles are impacting your life & health. Your questions and feedback will be used to create future content, blog posts, and Facebook Live chats. Send any questions or topics of interest to jen@nutritionbliss.com.

Thank you so much for joining me. This is only the beginning.